Thursday, 28 May 2015


On one day, the Kabayan whose work lazy-malesan, ditegor same law.
Umi: "Heh..kabayan..sare wae pagawean maneh tea ..!".
Kabayan: "Yaelah Umiiii ... what to do ?? Rice wrote a new ge harvest!" the Kabayan replied.
Umi: "Heeuuhh ... borokokok..maneh mah wae reason. Please Umi lahh wae lah!".
Kabayan: "Umi Naon ??" Kabayan said with a yawn.
Umi: "Pangngalakeun jackfruit in tah..ngala jackfruit garden-na nu big Jeung his conservative Geus !!" (Ngala = picking)

    Departing smokers with a little cranky the Kabayan to garden. Arriving in the garden, looking straight Kabayan jackfruit are already old. After a long search, see deh jackfruit old already. But when it was picked, Kabayan realized that jackfruit that he learned too big. When going in the pelvis, the Kabayan not strong.
"Aiihh ... ya really heavy jackfruit sih..gimana brought her way ya!"
Fortunately there Umi garden beside the river. Kabayan finally have an idea for presents itself in the river.
"Ahh ... this old already wrote laahh nangka..dihanyutin ya ...".
After washed away, return home to the Kabayan deh.

    Arriving home, Umi directly nanya ma Kabayan.
Umi: "heh Kabayan..mana Jackfruit Umi tea ??"
Kabayan: "Laahh..emang not nyampe mi ??" bales the Kabayan shocked.
Umi: "... another maneh ee..borokokok nu told Ngala jackfruit?" the Umi fierce.
Kabayan: "That tea noodles, I took my jackfruit tua..terus so big already. Confused carried it, yes I hanyutin wrote in sungai..kan she's already old".
Umi: "hadeuuhh..borokokok maneh teehh ... lah can emang behind sorangan ka ?? bodo imah really maneh Kabayan" the Umi dizziness deh..hehe ...

Kabayan: "stupid Lah..siapa mi ?? it jackfruit atuh stupid ... already old age, not know the way home ??"


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