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Fairytale Bagendit

Description: ancient times to the north city of arrowroot there is a village whose inhabitants are mostly farmers. Because the land in the village is very fertile and is never short of water, the rice fields they always produce abundant rice. But ev en so, the residents of the village remains poor shortcomings.
It was still a little dark and dew still hanging on the leaves, but the residents had rushed to their rice fields. Today is the day of harvest. They will reap yellowed rice and sell it to a middleman named Nyai Endit.
            Nyai Endit is the richest man in the village. Her house is a luxury, rice barns are very broad due to be sufficient to accommodate rice bought from farmers in the village. Yes I Do! All farmers. And involuntary the farmers sell their crops to Nyai Endit.Mereka forced to sell all their crops at a bargain price if you do not want to find the case with guard-guard housekeeper Endit errand. Then if they run out of rice supply, they have to buy from the housekeeper Endit with rising prices.
            "Oh yes fate when we change?" Said a farmer to his friend. "Do not hold me to live like this. Why Well, God does not punish the usurer it? "
"Shhh, do not kenceng-kenceng atuh, later there were heard!" Replied his friend. "We have to be patient mah! Later will come retaliation in kind for people who like to do injustice to others. Kan mah God never sleeps! "
            Meanwhile the Nyai Endit was checking the rice granary.
"Barja!" Said the housekeeper Endit. "How Do? Are all the rice already purchased? "Said the housekeeper Endit.
"Beres Nyi!" Replied the guard named Barja. "It may be checked barn Nyi! The barn is full filled with rice, some even still we keep out because it did not fit anymore. "
"Ha ha ha ha ...! Soon they will run out of rice and will buy padiku. I will be rich !!! Nice One! Keep an eye on the farmers, do not let them sell their crops elsewhere. Give a lesson for anyone who disobey! "Said Nyai Endit.
            Sure enough, a few weeks later the villagers started to run out of food and even many who have started to suffer from hunger. While Nyai Endit always partying with fancy foods at home.
"Oh sir, we are running out of rice supply. Soon we had to buy rice to Nyai Endit. Next door neighbor said the price is now five times more than the first time we sell. How ya pack? Yet we also need to buy other purposes. O Lord, give us lighten up the load that we bear. "
That grunt the villagers on arbitrariness Nyai Endit.
            One hot afternoon, from the end of the village seems a grandmother who walked bent. He passed the settlements with a look of pity.
Description:"Well, sorry for these residents. They suffered only because of the behavior of a course. It seems like this should be terminated immediately, "thought the grandmother.
He walked over to a resident who was pounding rice.
"Nyi! I asked passengers, "said the grandmother.
"Yes Grandma No what?" Said Nyi Mercy who are pounding the rice
"Where can I find the richest man in this village?" Asked the grandmother
"Oh, you mean the house Nyi Endit grandmother?" Said Nyi Mercy. "It's close to Grandma. Grandma stay straight until you find a T-junction. Then grandma turn left. Later grandmother will see a very large house. That's her home. Indeed, there needs to be a grandmother at Nyi Endit what? "
"I want to ask for alms," said the grandmother.
"Ah useless grandmother asked him, going ga given. If hungry grandma, grandma could eat at my house, but sober, "said Nyi Mercy.
"No need," said the grandmother. "I Just want to know what would happen if there was a beggar asking alms. O yes, please you tell other residents to get ready to evacuate. Because soon there will be a big flood. "
"Grandma kidding?" Said Nyi Mercy surprised. "Where there may be flooding in the dry season."
"I'm not joking," said the grandmother. "I am a person who will give lessons on Nyi Endit. Therefore immediately mengungsilah, bring valuables yours, "said the grandmother.
After that, the grandmother went meniggalkan Nyi Mercy who was still dazed.
Meanwhile Nyai Endit enjoying abundant dishes, as well as the centengnya. Beggar arrived in front of the house Nyai Endit and directly confronted by the thugs.
"Hey old beggar! Get out of here! Do not let this dirty terrace house trampling feet! "Snapped guard.
"I want to ask for alms. There may be leftover food that I can eat. It's been three days I did not eat, "said the grandmother.
"What do I care," snapped guard. "Just what I was your father? If you want to eat so buy do not ask! There, a quick go before I drag! "
But the old woman did not budge in his place. "Nyai Endit out! I want to ask for alms. Nyai Endiiiit ...! "Cried the grandmother.
Centeng- guard was trying to drag the grandmother who kept screaming, but to no avail.
"Who the hell are screaming out," said Nyai Endit. "Disturb people eat alone!"
"Hey ...! Who are you old grandmother? Why screaming in front of the house? "Snapped Nyai Endit.
"I Just want to ask for a bit of food because it has been three days I did not eat," said the grandmother. " eat the same I ask why? Nothing! Get out of here! Later many flies kissed you smell, "said Nyai Endit.
The grandmother instead of going but instead stuck his stick into the ground and looked Nyai Endit furiously. "Hey Endit ..! During this time God gave rijki abundant but you're not grateful. You miser! While the villagers were starving you even wasting food "cried the fiery grandmother. "I came here as an answer to the prayers of the people who suffer because of your doing! Now be prepared to receive your punishment. "
"Ha ha ha ... You want to punish me? Not one of ya? You do not see the guard-centengku much! Once at it, you'd be dead, "said Nyai Endit.
"No need to bother me away," said the grandmother. "I'm going to go from here if you can pull out my stick from the ground."
"Basic crazy grandmother. How hard nyabut stick. Without any effort I could! "Said Nyai Endit arrogant. Then hup! Nyai Endit tried to pull the stick with one hand. Turns out the stick was not budging. He tried it with both hands. Hup hup! Still not budge too.
"Damn!" Said Nyai Endit. "Thugs! Unplug stick to it! Beware if not plucked up. I cut your salary! "
Guard-guard was trying to pull the stick grandmother, but though it was drawn by three people, stick it remains unmoved.
"Ha ha ha ... you do not succeed?" Said the grandmother. "It is not how you power. See I would pull this stick. "
Brut! With a jerk, the stick has been lifted from the ground. Byuuuuurrr !!!! Suddenly from the former tancapan stick grandmother gush of water is very swift.
"Endit! This is the punishment for you! This water is the tears of the people who suffer because of you. You and all your possessions will be submerged by the water! "
Having said this, the old woman suddenly disappeared somewhere. Stay Nyai Endit panicked look overflowing with heavy water. He tried to run to save his property, but the flood drowned along with his wealth faster.
In the village has now formed a beautiful little lake. People called it 'Bagendit'. It means lake and Bagendit derived from the word Endit. Some people believe that sometimes we can see the leech of the mattress at the bottom of the lake. He said it was an incarnation Nyai Endit are not able to escape from the trap flood.

Origins Of Tangkuban Perahu

Description: West Java, precisely in Bandung regency, there is a very beautiful recreation area is Mount Tangkuban Perahu. Tangkuban Perahu means the boat overturned. Named because its shape it resembles an upside down boat. It is said that according to folklore parahyangan mountain was indeed an overturned boat. Here's the story.
Thousands of years ago, the land Parahyangan led by a king and a queen who just had a daughter. Princess was named Dayang Sumbi. She was very pretty and intelligent, unfortunately she is very spoiled. On a day when she was weaving in the porch of the palace, Dayang Sumbi feel weak and dizzy. He dropped to the floor of the yarn spun many times. When pintalannya fall for the umpteenth time Dayang Sumbi became angry and swore, she would marry whoever wants to get pintalannya it. Right after those words were spoken oath, comes a powerful dog named Tumang and submit it to the hand-spun Dayang Sumbi. So inevitably, in accordance with the oath, Dayang Sumbi must marry the dog.
Dayang Tumang Sumbi and live happily until they were blessed with a child in the form of a human child but have magic powers like his father. This child was named Sangkuriang. In infancy, Sangkuring se then accompanied play by a dog named Tumang that he knew only as a faithful dog, not as a father. Sangkuriang grown into a handsome and gallant.
On a day Dayang Sumbi sent his son to go along with his dog to hunt deer for the purposes of any party. After some time searching without success, Sangkuriang feel desperate, but he did not want to disappoint her. So with very forced him picked up the arrow and aimed it at Tumang. When he arrived home he handed Tumang meat on her. dayanng Sumbi who thought it was venison meat, was elated over her success.
Soon after the party Dayang Sumbi Tumang remembered and asked her son where Tumang located. At first Sangkuriang fear, tapa finally he told her what had happened to her mother. Dayang Sumbi became very angry, the anger he hit Sangkuriang to pass out right in the forehead. For his actions that Dayang Sumbi expelled from the kingdom by his father. Fortunately Sangkuriang regained consciousness but blows her scars are very wide in adult keningnya.Setelah, Sangkuriang went wandering to know the state of the outside world.
A few years later, Sangkuriang met a very beautiful woman. He immediately fell in love with the woman. The woman was her own mother, but they do not recognize each other. Sangkuriang propose, Dayang Sumbi also accept with pleasure. The day before the wedding day, while stroking his fiancee hair, Dayang Sumbi wide scar on the forehead Sangkuriang, she finally realized that she almost married her own son. Knowing that Dayang Sumbi trying to thwart the marriage. After thinking hard he finally decided to propose marriage requirement that can not be granted by Sangkuriang. Condition is: Sangkuriang must create a dam that can cover the entire mountain, and make a boat to traverse the dam. All that must be completed before dawn.
Sangkuriang start working. Her love is so great at Sangkuriang gave him a strange power. Do not forget he also uses the power he got from his father to summon genies and help. With mud and soil water they stem from rivers and springs. Sometime before dawn, Sangkuriang cut down a large tree to make a boat. When Dayang Sumbi see that Sangkuriang almost completed its work, he prayed to the gods to hinder his work and speed up the arrival of the morning.
The roosters crowed, the sun rises faster than usual and Sangkuriang realized that he had been cheated. With so angry he cursed and kicked Dayang Sumbi homemade boat nearly so to the middle of the forest. The boat was to be there in a state upside down, and formed Tangkuban Perahu (boat menelungkub). Not far from that place are the rest of felling a tree stump Sangkuriang, now we know him as the Mount stumps. Dams are made Sangkuriang cause the entire hill filled with water and form a lake where Sangkuriang and Dayang Sumbi immerse yourself and not heard from again until now.

Cucumber Fairy Gold

In ancient times, there lived a couple of farmers. They lived Description: in a village near the forest. They live happily. Unfortunately they have not only blessed with a single child.
Every day they pray to the Almighty. They prayed for a child immediately given. One day a giant pass their residence. The giant heard the prayer of the couple. It then gives them a giant cucumber seeds.
"Plant this seed. Later you will get a girl, "said the Giant. "Thank you, Giant," said the husband and wife. "But there are conditions. At age 17 the child should you leave it to me, "said the Giant. The husband and wife were very long for a child. Because it without thinking they agree.
The farmer's wife husband then plant the seeds of the cucumber. Every day they take care of the plants start to grow it as good as possible. Months later grew a golden cucumber.
Cucumber was increasingly large and heavy. When the fruit was ripe, they pick it. With their carefully cut the fruit. How surprised they are, in the fruit they find a very beautiful baby girl. The husband and wife were very happy. They named the baby Cucumber Mas.
Years passed. Mas cucumbers grown into a beautiful girl. Both parents are very proud of him. But they became very afraid. Because anniversary Cucumber Mas 17th, the giant came back. The giant menangih promise to take Cucumbers Mas.
The farmer was trying to calm. "Wait a minute. Cucumber Mas was playing. My wife would call him, "he said. The farmer immediately see his son. "Anakkku, take this," he said, handing me a cloth bag. "It will help you fight the giant. Now flee as soon as possible, "he said. So Cucumber Mas immediately fled.
The husband and wife were saddened by the departure of Cucumber Mas. But they are not willing to have his son becomes food giant. Giant waited long enough. He became impatient. He knew, had lied to the couple. Then he destroyed the farmer's cottage. Then he chased Cucumber Mas into the woods.
Giant immediately ran after Cucumbers Mas. Giants closer. Cucumber Mas immediately took a handful of salt from the cloth bag. Then salt was sprinkled in the direction of the Giant. Suddenly a vast sea was spread. Giants forced to swim with difficulty.
Cucumber Mas ran again. But then the Giants almost caught up. Cucumber Mas back take a magical object from his pocket. He took a handful of chili. The chili was thrown in the direction of the giant. Instantly tree with branches and sharp thorns giant trap. Giant screaming in pain. While Cucumber Mas ran to save themselves.
But the Giants really strong. He was again almost catch Cucumbers Mas. So Cucumber Mas also issued three magical objects. He cast a magic cucumber seeds. Instantly grew very wide cucumber field. Giant very tired and hungry. He also ate a cucumber-fresh cucumber it with gusto. Because of too much eating, sleeping giant.
Cucumber Mas back escape. He ran hard. But over time the power runs out. Worse because the giant awoke from his sleep. Giant again almost caught. Cucumber Mas very frightened. He also threw the last weapon, a handful of shrimp paste. Again, a miracle occurred. An extensive mud lakes lie. The giant fell into it. Hands almost reached Cucumbers Mas. But the lake was pulled to the bottom mud. Giant panic. He could not breathe, and then sank.
Cucumbers Mas relief. He has survived. Cucumber Mas was returned to his parents' house. Mom and Dad Cucumber Mas happy to see Cucumbers Mas survived. They greet him. "Thank God. You saved my son, "they said happily.
Since then Cucumber Mas can live in peace with his parents. They can live happily without fear again.

The Origin Of The Lake Centipede

Description: Muara Kaman approximately 120 km upstream of the capitalTenggarong Kutai regency in East Kalimantan, there is an area known as the Lake Centipede. Although named Lake, the area of the lake is not as Jempang and Semayang. It is a vast wildernessarea is overgrown with bushes and shrubs.
Long ago the town of Muara Kaman and the surrounding seas.The edge of the sea when it is in Berubus, Ulu village of Muara Kaman, better known by the name Continent Lawas. At that timethere was a kingdom which bookie very crowded because it is located on the waterfront.
Terkenallah at that time in the kingdom of a beautiful princess. The princess named Princess Aji Bedarah White. He was named not because if the princess is chewing betel nut and swallowing watersepahnya behold the red betel juice was flowing through his throat.
Loveliness and oddities White Princess Aji Bedarah this soundstoo by a Chinese king who immediately set out with great Jungand his army and anchored on the sea front of the palace AjiBedarah White. China King immediately went ashore to apply for Princess beautiful.
Before the King of China expressed his courtship, the first kingprincess was treated to a meal together. But unfortunate for the King of China, he did not know that he is being tested by adaughter who is not only beautiful girl but also clever and wise. Eatin the middle of the meal, the daughter was disgusted look diningsqualor of the guests. King China eat in a way that turns a sip, do not use hands but directly to the mouth like a dog.
How disgust Princess Aji Bedarah White and he was offended, as if it does not respect the Chinese king himself besides obviouslycan not adjust. When complete meal and a cover of King of Chinafiled, not necessarily the princess refused to full wrath, saying,"What a vile man is destined to be a princess who do you eat justsip like a dog."
Incredible insult was of course also aroused tremendous anger atthe Chinese king. Already her application was rejected, alsoreceived insults. Because very embarrassed and incensed, there is no other way but to be redeemed with any violence to subdueWhite Princess Aji Bedarah. He immediately headed to jungnya toreturn with all the powerful army to destroy the kingdom and thecaptivating Princess.
Also there was a terrible war between the armies of China whocame like a tidal wave of the sea against the army of the WhiteBedarah Aji. Turns White Bedarah Aji army could not fend off the invasion of the Chinese army raging with fierce. Daughter whowitnessed the battle that is not balanced it feels sad mixed furious.He had imagined that the war would be won by the Chinese army.Because there was a rage.
Princess was soon eating betel while saying, "If I'm correct thisincarnation powerful king, then so be it junk-sepahku centipedes, millipedes that can destroy the King of China and his whole army."After saying this, disemburkannyalah junk from his mouth towardthe middle of the battle it raged. With a blink of an eye junk beteldaughter turn into thousands tail centipede big ones, thenruthlessly attacked the Chinese army raging.
China's army of warriors who fought with it one by one destroyed.Soldiers who know unchallenged centipede attack it, immediatelyran cross-crotch to jungnya. Similarly, the King. They intend toleave Muara Kaman with tremendous lipannya it, but it turns outthey are not given the opportunity by centipedes, millipedes wereto leave Muara Kaman alive. Because centipedes, millipedes ithas diucap to destroy the King and the army of China, then withtheir undulating invade continue to Jung China. The king and allthe army of China not can range anywhere again and finally theydestroyed everything. Jung they were drowned as well.
Meanwhile Aji White Bedarah soon disappear with the occult,somewhere, and along with his magical princess, then also theoccult Water Wells Brave, as the power of the magic power of the kingdom. Jung King Chinese place sunken and shallow sea which then became a land with vast meadows that are then referred tonow as the Lake Centipede.

Fabled Lake Toba

Description: a village in Sumatra, the life of a farmer. He was a farmer who diligently work although not extensive agricultural land. He could meet his needs from his work tireless. Actually he became old enough to get married, but he still chose to live alone. In a sunny morning, the farmer was fishing in the river. "Hopefully today I got a big fish," the farmer muttered to myself. Some time after the hook is thrown, the hook looks wobbling. He immediately pulled the hook. The farmer was cheered with  joy after getting a big enough fish.
He was amazed at the beautiful colors of fish scales. Yellow fish scales reddish gold. Both round and protruding eyes flashing amazing. "Wait, I do not eat it! I would be willing to accompany you if you were not so eat me. "The farmer was surprised to hear the voice of the fish. Due to his surprise, the fish they catch fell to the ground. Then not long, the fish was transformed into a very beautiful girl. "Bermimpikah I ?," muttered the farmer.
            "Do not worry sir, I am also human like you. I am very indebted to you for saving me from the curse of the Gods, "the girl said. "My name is Princess, I do not mind to be your wife," said the girl as urgent. Farmers and even then nodded. They then become husband and wife. However, there is a promise that has been agreed, that they should not tell that the origin of the Princess of fish. If the promise is broken there will be a terrible disaster.
            After reaching the village, stirred villagers saw beautiful girl together farmers. "He might be an angel coming down from heaven," they muttered. Farmers feel very happy and peaceful. As a good husband, he continued to work to earn a living by cultivating rice fields and fields with persevering and tenacious. Due diligence and tenacity, the farmers live without flaws in his life. Many people envy, and they spread the bad suspicion that could bring down the success of farmers. "I know it must maintain Farmers spirits! "Someone said to his friend. It reached the ears of Farmers and Princess. But they do not feel offended, and even more diligent work.
            A year later, his wife and increases happiness Petan, because Farmer's wife gave birth to a baby boy. He was given the name of the Son. Happiness they do not make them forget themselves. Son grow into a strong, healthy child. He became a sweet but somewhat mischievous child. He has a habit that makes wonder both parents, which always feel hungry. The food that should be eaten three of them can be eaten alone.

Over time, the Son always annoy her father. If asked to help parents work, he always refused. The farmer's wife always reminds Farmers to be patient over their child behavior. "Yes, I will be patient, however he was our son!" The farmer said to his wife. "Thankfully, kanda think like that. Kanda is a husband and a good father, "said daughter to her husband.
            Indeed, they say, patience has limits. This is experienced by the farmer. On one day, the Son has the task to deliver food and drinks to the field where his father was working. But the Son is not fulfilling its duties. Farmers wait for the arrival of his son, while holding thirst and hunger. He went straight home. At seen her son was playing ball. Farmers became angry as he tweaked his ear. "Children do not know diuntung! Do not know themselves! Basic child fish!, "Vituperation the Farmers unknowingly had said that abstinence.
After the farmers say the words, immediately the child and his wife vanished. Without a trace and the trace. Of former stamping his feet, suddenly menyemburlah torrential water and getting heavier. Farmers village and surrounding villages submerged all. Water overflows very high and wide so as to form a lake. And finally form a lake. The lake was eventually known as Lake Toba. While the small island in the middle known as the island.


Description: the ancient monastery of Miidera there was a great bronze bell. It rang out every morning and evening, a clear, rich note, and its surface shone like sparkling dew. The priests would not allow any woman to strike it, because they thought that such an action would pollute and dull the metal, as well as bring calamity upon them.
When a certain pretty woman who lived in Kyoto heard this, she grew extremely inquisitive, and at last, unable to restrain her curiosity, she said: "I will go and see this wonderful bell of Miidera. I will make it send forth a soft note, and in its shining surface, bigger and brighter than a thousand mirrors, I will paint and powder my face and dress my hair."
At length this vain and irreverent woman reached the belfry in which the great bell was suspended, at a time when all were absorbed in their sacred duties. She looked into the gleaming bell and saw her pretty eyes, flushed cheeks, and laughing dimples. Presently she stretched forth her little fingers, lightly touched the shining metal, and prayed that she might have as great and splendid a mirror for her own. When the bell felt this woman's fingers, the bronze that she touched shrank, leaving a little hollow, and losing at the same time all its exquisite polish.

Many hundred years ago there lived an honest old woodcutter and his wife. One fine morning the old man went off to the hills with his billhook, to gather a faggot of sticks, while his wife went down to the river to wash the dirty clothes. When she came to the river, she saw a peach floating down the stream; so she picked it up, and carried it home with her, thinking to give it to her husband to eat when he should come in.
The old man soon came down from the hills, and the good wife set the peach before him, when, just as she was inviting him to eat it, the fruit split in two, and a little puling baby was born into the world. So the old couple took the babe, and brought it up as their own; and, because it had been born in a peach, they called it Momotaro, or Little Peachling.
By degrees Little Peachling grew up to be strong and brave, and at last one day he said to his old foster parents: "I am going to the ogres' island to carry off the riches that they have stored up there. Pray, then, make me some millet dumplings for my journey."
Description: the old folks ground the millet, and made the dumplings for him; and Little Peachling, after taking an affectionate leave of them, cheerfully set out on his travels.
As he was journeying on, he fell in with a monkey, who gibbered at him, and said: "Kia! kia! kia! where are you off to, Little Peachling?"
"I'm going to the ogres' island, to carry off their treasure," answered Little Peachling.
"What are you carrying at your girdle?"
"I'm carrying the very best millet dumplings in all Japan."
"If you'll give me one, I will go with you," said the monkey.
So Little Peachling gave one of his dumplings to the monkey, who received it and followed him. When he had gone a little further, he heard a pheasant calling: "Ken! ken! ken! where are you off to, Master Peachling?"
Little Peachling answered as before; and the pheasant, having begged and obtained a millet dumpling, entered his service, and followed him.
A little while after this, they met a dog, who cried: "Bow! wow! wow! whither away, Master Peachling?"
"I'm going off to the ogres' island, to carry off their treasure."

"If you will give me one of those nice millet dumplings of yours, I will go with you," said the dog.
"With all my heart," said Little Peachling. So he went on his way, with the monkey, the pheasant, and the dog following after him.
When they got to the ogres' island, the pheasant flew over the castle gate, and the monkey clambered over the castle wall, while Little Peachling, leading the dog, forced in the gate, and got into the castle. Then they did battle with the ogres, and put them to flight, and took their king prisoner. So all the ogres did homage to Little Peachling, and brought out the treasures which they had laid up. There were caps and coats that made their wearers invisible, jewels which governed the ebb and flow of the tide, coral, musk, emeralds, amber, and tortoise shell, besides gold and silver. All these were laid before Little Peachling by the conquered ogres.
So Little Peachling went home laden with riches, and maintained his foster parents in peace and plenty for the remainder of their lives.

Why The Sea Is Salty

Hundreds of years ago there was a king who had a very unusual stone hand mill. It looked like any other stone hand mill but it had special powers. All one had to do was say what one wanted and turn it and out would come what had been requested. If gold was requested, gold would come out. If rice was requested, rice would come out. Whatever was requested, the small hand mill would produce it.
A thief made up his mind to steal the hand mill because once he had heard of it he couldn't get it out of his mind. For days and days he thought about how to steal it but he could not come up with a plan.

Then one day he dressed like a scholar and visited a court official who had access to the royal palace. They chatted about this and that and finally the thief said, "I heard that the King buried his strange hand mill in the ground because he doesn't trust his ministers."

"What's that? The King doesn't trust his ministers? Where did you hear such talk?"

"That's what they say in the countryside," said the thief, happy he had sparked the man's interest. "They say the King dug a deep hole and buried the hand mill because he is so afraid that someone will steal it."

"That's nonsense!" said the official. "The King's hand mill is beside the lotus pond in the inner court."

"Oh, is that so?" said the thief, trying to control his excitement.

"No one would dare try to steal the King's hand mill," said tht official. "Who would even think of trying when the thing is lying right beside the lotus pond where there is always lots of people coming and going."

The thief was so excited that all he could say was "Yes" and "That's right" until he was able to leave.

For many days the thief studied the situation. Then one very dark night, he climbed the palace wall and stole the hand mill from beside the lotus pond.

He was brimming with pride and confidence as he made his way back to the wall. But once outside the palace, he was overcome with fear of being discovered. His heart skipped a beat every time he met someone on the street. He decided to steal a boat and go to his hometown to hide because he knew that once the theft was discovered, everyone in the city and on the roads would be questioned.

Once at sea the thief lay back against the bow of the boat and laughed. Then he began to sing and dance as he thought about how rich he was going to be. Then he thought about what to request from the hand mill. He did not want to ask for something common and easy to obtain.
Description: Cerita Rakyat Bahasa Inggris : Why The Sea Is Salty |
"Salt! Salt!" he suddenly shouted. "I'll ask for salt! Everyone needs salt. I can sell it and become a rich man. I'll be tht richest man in the country."

He fell down on his knees and began turning the hand mill, singing as he did, Salt! Salt! Make some salt! Then he began dancing and singing about being a rich man.

And the hand mill kept turning and turning. Salt spilled over the sides of the small boat but the thief just kept dancing and singing and laughing, all the time thinking about the big house he was going to have and the numerous servants who would serve him lavish meals.

Finally the boat was so full of salt that it sank to the bottom of the sea. And, since no one has ever told the hand mill to stop, it is still turning and making salt, which is why the sea is salty.

Dringking for Long Life

Once upon a time, there was a big drinker who had never done any good and had never committed any sins either.
There were three people in his family; his wife, his son and him. He desired his son to be ordained as a Buddhist monk. Unfortunately, he died at the age of 50. It was before the ordination of his beloved son.
Before his death, he told his family to put a few bottles of alcohol in his coffin in order to quench his thirst with it after he died.
After his death, his spirit went to hell. There, the guardian of the dead asked him, “Why do you prefer alcohol? Is it tasty?”
“It is the greatest thing on earth I’ve ever drunk. No words can explain its terrific flavour. Try it and you will know,” said the man.
“What a pity! I won’t know its flavour because in hell we don’t have anything like this,” said the guardian of the dead.
Description: Cerita Rakyat Bahasa Inggris : Dringking for Long Life |“I take a few bottles of alcohol with me. Here you are. Try it,” said the man.

After tasting the alcohol, the guardian was impressed. He drank a bottle of it and got drunk because he had never tried it before. After that both of them promised to be friends.

The guardian of the dead told the man, “If you want anything, just tell me. I’m willing to help you.”

“I desire nothing other than to arrange the ordination for my son. Please let me go back home for only one more year. I long to be in the religious ceremony of my son,” the man begged the guardian.

As the guardian liked the man very much, he extended the man’s life by adding one more year to the age of him in a register. But he was blind drunk, so he wrote number 1 at the end of the figure 50 instead of erasing number 0 from the figure before writing number 1. As a result, the man’s age was 501, not 51.

When the man was alive again, he arranged the ordination for his son and then waited for the time to die. Many years passed by, but he didn’t die. He was so sad because his wife, his son and all the descendants were dead, but he wasn’t.

In ancient days there lived in a remote part of Japan a man and his wife, and they were blessed with a little girl, who was the pet and idol of her parents. On one occasion the man was called away on business in distant Kyoto. Before he went he told his daughter that if she were good and dutiful to her mother he would bring her back a present she would prize very highly. Then the good man took his departure, mother and daughter watching him go.
Description: last he returned to his home, and after his wife and child had taken off his large hat and sandals he sat down upon the white mats and opened a bamboo basket, watching the eager gaze of his little child. He took out a wonderful doll and a lacquer box of cakes and put them into her outstretched hands. Once more he dived into his basket, and presented his wife with a metal mirror. Its convex surface shone brightly, while upon its back there was a design of pine trees and storks.
The good man's wife had never seen a mirror before, and on gazing into it she was under the impression that another woman looked out upon her as she gazed with growing wonder. Her husband explained the mystery and bade her take great care of the mirror.
Not long after this happy homecoming and distribution of presents the woman became very ill. Just before she died she called to her little daughter, and said: "Dear child, when I am dead take every care of your father. You will miss me when I have left you. But take this mirror, and when you feel most lonely look into it and you will always see me." Having said these words she passed away.
In due time the man married again, and his wife was not at all kind to her stepdaughter. But the little one, remembering her mother's words, would retire to a corner and eagerly look into the mirror, where it seemed to her that she saw her dear mother's face, not drawn in pain as she had seen it on her deathbed, but young and beautiful.
One day this child's stepmother chanced to see her crouching in a corner over an object she could not quite see, murmuring to herself. This ignorant woman, who detested the child and believed that her stepdaughter detested her in return, fancied that this little one was performing some strange magical art--perhaps making an image and sticking pins into it. Full of these notions, the stepmother went to her husband and told him that his wicked child was doing her best to kill her by witchcraft.
When the master of the house had listened to this extraordinary recital he went straight to his daughter's room. He took her by surprise, and immediately the girl saw him she slipped the mirror into her sleeve. For the first time her doting father grew angry, and he feared that there was, after all, truth in what his wife had told him, and he repeated her tale forthwith.
When his daughter had heard this unjust accusation she was amazed at her father's words, and she told him that she loved him far too well ever to attempt or wish to kill his wife, who she knew was dear to him.
"What have you hidden in your sleeve?" said her father, only half convinced and still much puzzled.
"The mirror you gave my mother, and which she on her deathbed gave to me. Every time I look into its shining surface I see the face of my dear mother, young and beautiful. When my heart aches--and oh! it has ached so much lately--I take out the mirror, and mother's face, with sweet, kind smile, brings me peace, and helps me to bear hard words and cross looks."
Then the man understood and loved his child the more for her filial piety. Even the girl's stepmother, when she knew what had really taken place, was ashamed and asked forgiveness. And this child, who believed she had seen her mother's face in the mirror, forgave, and trouble forever departed from the home.


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